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Documents Available for Free Download

Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife

Congressional Record - British Union

Proceedings from the U.S. Congressional Record of 1940 discussing how the British have been subverting the American government.


The Saturn Theory Introductory essay to The Saturn Myth by Dave Talbott
The Law Frederick Bastiat's classic on the moral underpinnings of law. Jordan says this is an "absolute must-read" to understand law.
Anacalypsis Godfrey Higgins' masterwork on comparative/ancient religion. Jordan says this is a gold-mine of the ancient world.
The First Global Revolution The "Club of Rome" plans our future
The Terra Papers Hopi Indian creation story and prophecy
The Secret Teachings of All Ages Manly P. Hall's magnum opus on religious and occult subjects.
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Free e-Books
Jordan recommends these books you can download from the web.
Arctic Beacon Books Page Jordan says "there are a lot of great research materials to download here. Better get them while you can!"
Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler Shows how one of the bloodiest wars in history was financed and promoted.
Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution Bankers and revolution in Russia
Woe Unto Lawyers Work explaining the true nature of lawyers as modern witch-doctors who exploit humanity for their own gain.
Secret Teachings Manly P. Hall's masterwork is now available online for free.
Mazzaroth Research work exploring ancient Astro-Theology as the basis for religion.
The Witness of the Stars An exploration of Astro-Theology from a Christian view-point.
The Two Babylons The very important hidden history of the Vatican.
Imminent These two books, published in 1835 by Professor Samuel Morse, explore the religious hi-jacking of the U.S. Republic, who is really behind it, how they operate and what remedy we can take to thwart their plans for installing a Vatican backed dictatorship in North America.
Foreign Conspiracy


Free Documents on other Sites
Jordan recommends these books you can download from the web.

Theosophical Docs Free online collection of over 800 documents from The Theosophical Society
Sacred Texts Enormous library of rare spiritual and wisdom teachings, all available online for free.
Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Mythology Interesting research into the E.T. connections in the Bible.